Raising up Leaders in Rural Mexico

The story of God in Mexico is alive and active, each chapter more exciting and wondrous than the one before it. While the harvest is indeed plentiful, the workers are far too few. There are so many ways for you to become part of this story. How will you answer the call?

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About Us

Cofradía United USA exists to support international missionaries and native Mexican churches and church leaders as they partner together to raise up Christian leaders who are securely rooted in Christ and capable of raising up other leaders in order for the Kingdom of God to be extended here, there, and everywhere in a spirit of Christian unity.

The word “cofradía” in Spanish translates to “brotherhood” in English. It is also the name of the rural village where our ministry hub is located. This unassuming community in the western foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains of Nayarit, Mexico, has, over more than twenty years, grown into a nerve center for leadership networking, discipleship, Christian education, evangelism, church planting, and myriad other creative ways of spreading the gospel and building the Kingdom of God.

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Our Ministry Functions

Missionaries & STM

Short-term mission teams have played a fundamental role in evangelizing the region since the beginning of this ministry and have since focussed on building long-term relationships and meeting practical needs as they return each year to work with specific groups through ministry activities and construction projects. STM has also been an entry point for interns and missionary staff to join our in-country staff. We welcome vibrant groups, families, and individuals excited about God and eager to be involved in the extension of His Kingdom.

The Local Church

Centro Cristiano Cofradía (Cofradía Christian Center, in English) began over twenty years ago as cell groups and has grown into a thriving congregation of families and individuals from a number of surrounding villages and towns. The church has twelve elders and a large group of lay leaders who oversee the various ministry areas. During the week, there are a variety of opportunities for people to participate in the ministry of the church as they visit other towns to evangelize, lead Bible studies, and encourage believers.

The Extended Church

One of our goals is to equip and unite pastors and church leaders across this region. We regularly join in fellowship with them and their congregations and meet with the pastors a few times a year for mutual accountability, encouragement, and refining focus. There is a substantial need for Pastoral Care and a sense of community in this region. We provide them a place where they can be “off duty” and receive the training and refreshing they need to fulfill their “on-duty” calling well.


God used my time in Cofradía to open my eyes to the need of others all over the world and to motivate me to become a Kingdom worker. I found that the individuals there had more to teach me than I had to teach them. The steadfast faith of the local church in Mexico amazed me, and I wanted my faith to be as rich and true as theirs. Because of two short-term trips I went on to Cofradía, I felt called to pursue Kingdom work and give up my music scholarships to go to Bible college. I’m still learning and growing in what it looks like to serve God with my life, and He continues to teach me through the things I witnessed and heard during my time in Mexico.

Andie Texas, Youth STM Outreach

I have been to Cofradía on numerous short-term mission trips. It’s been great to get to know the missionary staff as well as make friends with the people in Cofradía and Arrayanes. Being on these teams has changed my life. The people there don’t have a whole lot compared to what we have in the U.S., but they have the love of Jesus. It’s very apparent in their lives, in how loving and generous they are toward us every time we come to visit. Each time we head down with a team, it is a chance to meet new friends, reacquaint with old ones, and maybe try a new type of food you haven’t had before, and it’s a joy and a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in Mexico.

Jim McClellan Washington, Construction Outreach

Become a Partner

Throughout the New Testament, it is clear that God intends for his people to work together in unity of spirit and mind to share the gospel and teach others to know and follow Christ. Jesus tells us that He has prepared a plentiful harvest but that workers are needed to bring in that harvest, and his apostles make it clear in their letters to the early churches that we all have a part to play in that work. No matter your calling, gifts, or interests, you have a part to play, too, and we would love to partner with YOU! Here are some simple ways to jump into the story of God in Mexico.


Prayer is by far the most important need we have and something every believer can do for us. No matter where you live or what your financial state, your prayers offered in faith have the power to change lives and eternities. Not sure where to start? We always need prayer for direction, wisdom, finances, and impact, or subscribe to our Director’s monthly newsletter to stay abreast of specific prayer needs across all our ministry functions and areas.


We believe with all our hearts that the Lord is both our provider and our provision. That being said, this ministry does have financial needs, and we believe that while He is the ultimate answer for all our needs, He does choose to use others as vessels for meeting those needs. We always need financial partners, whether it’s to support individual pastors and missionaries, to continue meeting our general budget, or to fund specific ministries and projects. Please pray about becoming a financial partner.


We are always ready to welcome those whom God is calling to join us on the ground in Mexico. Whether you’re interested in planning a short-term outreach or in a longer internship or full-time staff position, we need you! The harvest is indeed plentiful, and the workers are indeed few, so don’t waste another minute. Take that step of faith and discover how you too can be part of the story of God in Mexico!

Stay Connected

We are thrilled at your interest in our organization and ministry and would love the opportunity to keep you up to date on all that is happening on the ground in Mexico, both in Cofradía and in the surrounding towns and cities where our pastoral partners are located.


Our Director, Steve Silberman, has been blogging regularly since 2005. So much has happened in our organization and in-country ministry in that time, and the blog continues to offer the most thorough insight into the regular rhythms and activities of ministry in Mexico.


Every month our Director, Steve Silberman, sends out an email newsletter highlighting the ministry activities, needs, and celebrations that took place over the course of that month. This is a great way to keep up with the big-picture story of God happening in Mexico delivered to your inbox automatically!


We have a YouTube page, and we post regular video updates and event promo and recap videos. If you’d like to more tangibly step into our events and everyday activities, then check out our channel. You can browse individual videos or explore the playlists we’ve already compiled. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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